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Speedzone International Ltd. 百事樂國際股份有限公司

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Today is 25,Feb,2018
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About Us
Speedzone devoted to research and develop in intake system. The purpose is to develop the products that can reduce the fuel consumption and boost the engine power for the busy commuters.
Compared to NA(Naturally aspirated engine) and Turbo (Turbo boost engine), NA engine is more directly, therefore, our solution is to created the new product called “Co-pressure Turbine”. It can improve the power of NA and reduce the fuel consumption. “No engine damage”, “No ignition system damage”, and “No fuel supply system damage”. Using the Enhanced intake efficiency to boost the engine’s power and reach the goal of reducing the fuel consumption.
Our theory is very simple, assuming combustion engine is working properly, the fuel supply is 100% and good ignition, but the intake efficiency is only 85%. So, we know the efficiency of the whole combustion engine is just 85%, it can’t have more efficiency or higher than 85% because of the poor... [Details]
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